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YO! is the world's first 'Off-Grid' messaging, sharing and content discovery app. Connect at high speeds without data or the Internet.

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YO! connects you to people on the same WiFi network without ever accessing the Internet.

Start sharing with your friends at campus, with your colleagues at office or with your family at home – fast and free!

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Your Network

Join a WiFi network

Join the same WiFi network as other YO! users (using WiFi does not require an Internet connection).

Create a hotspot

Can’t find your friends? Create your own hotspot and ask them to join!

Find your friends

Search under ‘HyperNet’ and add your friends.

Start sharing

Once your contacts appear in ‘HyperNet’, that's it! Start chatting and sharing videos, music, images, documents, apps, etc. – fast and free and without the Internet.

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Join over hundreds of thousands of other YO! users in discovering new memories.